1. Hongkong-Skylines-Panoramic-color

a view of Hong Kong Skyline

Created in 2014

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a night view of Hong Kong skyline and victoria harbour taken in 2011. composed from 20 images, taken with 120mm lens and composed together to create a seamless panoramic.

approximately 100 hours of editing hours for layer compositing, detailing and perspective correction.

originally the raw output reaching 300mpx, but maxed out around 200 mpx due to processing power limitation. (and very time consuming)


250 mpx of detail

black gradation, highlight and color perception become more subtle

revisiting the composition image to be remastered for a larger print output for 250mpx for 3m wide high res prints. for a request by a collector from london. and handled by london based printing firm specialist Praxis.

for a large high res printing, you cannot missed a spot. this take the longest time, re-evaluate all the details in 100% views section by section.

crunching time

applying perspective correction, image this big take lots of crunching time.

Hongkong Skylines Panoramic color 3

using 120mm helps removing possible distortion, PC lens works even better.

Hongkong Skylines Panoramic color 6
Hongkong-Skylines-Panoramic-color- edit crop 2

and the black and white version hold it’s own strength as the rendition of highlight and blacks is very rich.

Hongkong Skylines Panoramic black and white

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