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daily monochrome : Japan

Created in 2014

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Tokyo, Japan. 2011. i had the chance to visit japan in spring of 2011 , exactly one week after the major earthquake and Tsunami.

contrast to what the news of western media often tells, Tokyo is still go as it was, theres no sign of panic whatsoever. albeit the reoccurring blackouts which is weird to look dimmer sight of tokyo at night, and there’s no tourist on sight (i only see handful of tourist on my 2 week stay).

everything just go as it. Japan still warmly welcoming as it always has.

a kind friend of my travelling friends let us to stay at her house at Mitaka (thank you Shinsuke-Kun & Ayako-San!), as the starting point to the journey to the north.

Officer at Koban

To get lost and ask

upon arriving at Haneda, late at night. we take the last train to Hamamatsucho station and walk on foot to Shibuya station.

when we are missing route, we ask the nearest police station (Koban), and they did everything (with their limited english capability) to help you. here’s they written down every turn we need to take to walk to the Shibuya station. you are not going to get lost in japan, find a Koban and ask.

morning, Kyoto
To walk the dog


morning, Mitaka

to ride to school


morning, Tokyo

to listen


Festive Food vendor, Tokyo

to sell


Laundry-o-mate, Mitaka

to wash and nap


on station, Tokyo

to commute


on station, Tokyo

to relax

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on station, Tokyo

to sleep and commute


on station, Tokyo

to text and commute


shopping district, Kyoto

to wait and work


Shibuya, Tokyo

to wait and meet


Alleyway, Kyoto

to talk



to hang



to talk to the night


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