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Recently encountered a problem tethering sony camera to Macbookpro running El Capitan.
showing message “Cannot detect the camera. Confirm the camera is properly connected. then press OK”
it used to be connected fine before. trying out in other mbp running sierra was connected and fine. so it’s not the usb cable/camera issues, more to the mbp issues.
on the apple system report, the camera are recognised. so assuming all the hardware are fine there goes the software part.
done resetting Pram, SMC, updating apple software, reinstalling remote camera app and other sony related software.
none of it works. starting to quit all USB peripherals software running in the background, apparently the culprit is logitech mouse software. and i remember a few days ago there’s an autoupdate on it.

once quit, the camera connected and working as usual, removing the frustration of not being able to shoot tethered on a job. phew-

so if you have any problem tethering sony camera / or other brand camera. check your usb peripherals software. before doing lots of the others.


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